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Your business may have ups and downs, but there are always remedies to the bad days. Business loan in India may assist you in lifting your company out of debt and avoiding future losses.

Whether it is an instant necessity for the installation of new machinery in India or the payment of your suppliers in India, having the assistance of a no-collateral unsecured loan may take care of all of these concerns. At Loan Shoan we understand the ups and downs of company, as well as the necessity for business loans in India. This is why we help you to get a non-collateral loan without property in India starting at INR 1 lakh and going up to INR 50 lakh. The Repayment duration is 7 years, If you need a small business loan in India, this may be the offer for you. Our devoted team in India may assists you in completing the papers in a timely and authentic and transparent manner. You just determine the amount and contact us. Our focus will therefore be to alleviate your burdens.

The Benefits of a Business Loan without Property

Simple business loan

At Loan Shoan, we guarantee a loan procedure in which you do not have to rush about to grasp the terms and conditions and go from one office to another to get it sanctioned. We assist you to provide business loans where you are most comfortable and where you can conveniently apply for an unsecured loan without having to walk around.

A loan without Property for a variety of consumers

This Business loan is not restricted to any certain category of clients or professions. Everyone, either self-employed professionals or potential company’s tycoons, or self-employed non-professionals, may easily obtain fresh business loans. If your company in India has been in operation for at least four years, you are ready to begin operations.

Take use of every conceivable advantage

Loan Shoan additionally provides you with the most feasible profit with few paperwork and simple eligibility. At Loan Shoan, we do our best to make the procedure as straightforward as possible in India. We attempt to fit you for maximum business loan eligibility so that you may acquire the largest unsecured loan possible.

Our top goal is your comfort

We not only prioritise obtaining favourable loan terms for you, but we also value your time and comfort. This is why we make certain that none of our clients have to bear the hardship of contacting us on our premises. We also provide doorstep services, allowing you to complete the procedure without leaving your workplace or wasting valuable time at home.

Business Loan Eligibility

We have carefully handpicked basic and easy-to-achieve business loan criteria so you may meet the most of them for the best possible company finance in India.



  • Director of Private and Public Limited Companies
  • Doctors Who Are Qualified (MBBS, MD, MS)
  • Age: Minimum 25 Years – Maximum 65 years
  • Partners in a Partnership Firm
  • Business Owners
  • Proprietorship
  • Architect
  • CA
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